Yes, you read that correctly. Now, you know, I always encourage my clients who want to lose weight, tone up and change the shape of their body to let go of drinking for a little while to accelerate their results. However, I know that not everyone is going to accept that. So – if you are going to drink beer, I want to give you these tools to make better choices that are more in line with your fat loss goals.

If you like to enjoy an ice cold beer with your friends on Labor Day weekend, then what I’m about to say may end your post-drinking guilt. Having a bottle or two (no more than two though) of beer may actually do more good than harm to your health. I know, I know…that’s great news. Before you break out the celebratory drink, know that there is a catch to everything. This is no exception.

Not all drinks are created equal. Some beers are loaded with calories and a high carbohydrate (carb) content. Educating yourself on what to look for when choosing a beer to enjoy will go a long way in helping your maintain a healthy weight and active lifestyle.

Here are five of the best and worst beers for those trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Worst Beers For Your Fitness Goals

Sierra Nevada Big Foot Ale: With a whooping 330 calories, 32 grams of carbs and almost 10% alcohol content, drinking this beer negates almost all of the health benefits. Beer isn’t really considered healthy (nor should it be) in terms of nutrients and vitamins, but that’s no reason for anyone to consume one of the worst beers on the market in terms of calorie and carb content.

Leinenkugel’s Berry Weiss: This beer sounds like it would be a great option to try out in a brewery that offers taster samples. But, if you’re looking to enjoy an ice cold beer without the guilt, this isn’t the one. At 207 calories, Leinenkugel’s Berry Weiss calorie content is lower than the first beer mentioned. However, with 28 grams of carbs, it can still pack a mean punch to your gut.

Samuel Adams Winter Lager: While Samuel Adams does have a great selection of seasonal options, the Winter Ale might be one worth skipping. Consume two of these and you will have drank the equivalent of 400 calories and over 28 grams of carbs. Compared to some of the other beer mentioned that may not sound like a lot, but 400 calories is the same as eating a small meal. Unless you plan to do meal replacement with beer (which is NOT a good idea) you should forgo this beer.

Budweiser American Ale: Budweiser is as American as apple pie. This classic beer will set you back 182 calories and 18 grams of carbs. Consume two with a meal and you will have taken in a good chunk of calories for your entire day.

Redhook ESB: This beer isn’t the absolute worst. Measuring in at 179 calories and 14 grams of carbs, one of these wouldn’t completely wreck your diet. However, having any more than one and you will have consumed the same amount of calories contained in a small appetizer.

Best Beers For Your Fitness Goals

Miller Lite: This beer is domestically brewed and on tap in virtually every bar in America. And for good reason: One beer has just 96 calories and 3 grams of carbs. When compared to the beers on the worst list, you could consume two of these and it would equal the same amount (or less) than just one of the worst beers. Definitely something to think about when you’re contemplating your next order for happy hour.

Amstel Light: While it’s not the most well known for taste, Amstel Light is known for being a good option for light beer. At 95 calories and 6 grams of carbs, it’s a winner for those looking to enjoy a beer but not spend hours in the gym working it off.

Michelob Ultra: One of the first companies to make light beer in the US, Michelob scored a winner with it’s Ultra brand of light beer. Having one of these will set you back only 3 grams of carbs and 95 calories.

Beck’s Premiere Light: 64 calories and 4 grams of carbs won’t do much to derail your healthy lifestyle. As such, this is an excellent choice for anyone looking to watch their waistline.

Miller Genuine Draft (MGD) 64: The original MGD has 143 calories, but MGD 64 is a great alternative to it’s heavier counterpart. Like the title says, one bottle is only 64 calories and contains just 2 grams of carbs.

Whenever you decide to drink, please make sure you’re responsible. Two beers may be safe to consume from a calorie standpoint, but depending on your body weight, two beers may impair your cognition and driving skills. It’s best to be safe than sorry. Enjoy responsibly!