Foam Rollers – feels like a massage?

The foam roller can be as beneficial as a massage, but much, much cheaper. Personal trainers realized the benefits of foam rollers to help their clients with tight adhesions in their muscles a few years ago. While massage therapy has long been used for professional and recreational athletes, the foam roller provides an alternative to that practice. This 3 foot, cylinder shaped tool is easy and safe to use at home and it works!

Why should you care about using foam rollers?

What is the exact benefit of doing so? Caring for the soft tissue of athletes who are constantly pushing their muscles to the brink of exhaustion is the reason why most personal trainers suggest massage therapy as standard for their clients. However, athletes and everyday people who work out hard (that would be the ladies of Bootique Fitness for sure!) have started to request some sort of soft tissue care without the expense of visiting a spa or salon to receive a massage. Many have found that foam rollers are the answer to that request. While stressing your muscles during a workout is a good reason for using a foam roller, the opposite activity (sitting down) will also create a need for these magical tools. Sitting in a chair for long hours daily will also create short, tight muscles that need a foam roller to regain proper length.

Foam rollers are as unique as the clients who request them.

They come in lengths of one foot and three foot and, like pillows, you can get a very firm, moderately firm or softer foam roller to suit your needs. The key is selecting the right foam roller for you is to determine your level of “firmness.” I know that sounds a bit silly, but think of it this way: A muscular woman would need a more dense and firm foam roller to massage out tight areas such as his back or legs, while a less muscular woman would require a less firm roller for the same areas. Determine the muscle quality and firmness of areas you want to use the foam roller on to make a selection that is best for you.

Using the foam roller is easy.

As suggested in the name, you can roll this cylinder shaped foam over your thighs, back and other areas to receive a massage-like sensation that will help relieve tension and knots in your muscles. Using the foam roller is a great way to find which areas of your body are experiencing tenderness and to locate muscles that may be fatigued or over-used. You can use the foam roller at many different angles to your body – horizontally, parallel or at 45* angles. In any case, its design was created to give athletes of all levels relief from sore muscles and tender spots on the body. Apply the foam roller in longer more sweeping strokes to the long muscle groups like the calves, adductors, and quadriceps, and small directed pressure to areas like the TFL, hip rotators, and glute medius.

How often should you use a foam roller

While the experts do not agree on how often to roll out or how long to spend rolling each day, here are a few simple tips you can’t go wrong with. Leave your foam roller out where you will clearly see it daily. Plan 5-10 minutes out of your day (during tv time is perfect) to get down and roll out. Spend at least 30 seconds on each muscle group you are targeting. Get into the practice of doing this daily until you feel noticeable relief in the knots you’ve been working on. For maintenance, when most of your body is feeling good when you roll on those areas, you can decrease down to 2 times a week for 5-10 minutes at a time. However, just like getting a massage, there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing.

If this is the first time you have heard about the wonders of foam rollers, then see Jaylin about ordering one for yourself. If you know someone who has one, try it out before you buy one. Either way, incorporating foam rollers into your exercise routine is never a bad idea.

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