Daylight savings sounds great at first, an extra hour of sleep, who could argue with that? But now it’s still semi-dark in the mornings and dark much earlier in the evening. Some people are even commuting to work in darkness each way this time of year; that can weigh on your mood and affect your working out habits.

4 ways you can make sure the time change does not shake up your routine.

Go to bed at a regular time

Do whatever you have to do, including DVR’ing your favorite shows, but go to bed early and often. Make sure your body gets in a new sequence and that you will get at least 7 hours of sleep. Any less sleep makes you tired, less focused and your body will actually want to keep on weight.

Go to bed in your workout clothes

If your workouts are in the morning, save yourself time and effort in every single way possible. Workout clothes are usually comfy enough to sleep in. If not, lay them out so you’re ready in the morning and set your sneakers by the door. No blind searching, no thinking, just grab and go.

Have a plan and work your plan

Again, take the guess work out of your workouts. Plan ahead which classes you are going to attend, dance fitness, boot camps, or how many miles you are going to jog. If your schedule changes weekly, map this out in the beginning of the week to ensure you have a plan. If you don’t do this, you’ll probably end up scrambling and missing classes. Set yourself up for success.

Music for your mood 

When you wake up, have some tunes ready to start the tone for your day. In fact, do that everywhere: in the car, at work, after work  – play music! It keeps you energized, improves your mood and other aspects of your life positively. When you are upbeat and positive, working out is a natural transition and not a hassle. Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

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