Benefits of Vitamin D

With an average of only 42.9 days of rainy weather a year lucky San Diegans bathe in glorious sunshine the other 322.1 days. And with daily activities at our fingertips like boot camp, sailing, surfing, kayaking, and more it is no excuse for San Diego not to be one of the healthiest and most fit cities around.

The biggest advantage all of this sun time offers us locals is the Vitamin D. Skin exposure to sunlight allows our body to produce Vitamin D, which helps with strong bones, proper muscle and brain function, plus it raises your overall mood. It is unique in that in addition to being synthesized by our body from the sun; Vitamin D can also be ingested from some of the foods we eat.

How can you get more Vitamin D?

Okay, so get outside to workout, eat foods that are high in Vitamin D, like salmon and sardines, or drink it up in fortified milk, but what else can D guy do? It can help you feel fuller longer, and most importantly it helps reduce the stress hormone, cortisol, which can make you store unwanted fat like love handles and belly bulge.

If you’re someone who is a busy bee without a ton of time to pop into the sun for at least 10 minutes during the 322.1 days, maybe consider helping your Vitamin D levels with a supplement. Thanks San Diego weather for being so wonderfully perfect—now get out there and soak up the rays!!