Mindfulness – Going from “Knowing Better” to “Doing Better”

Ever feel like you’re on autopilot mode? Turning off the alarm, brushing our teeth, shower, getting dressed, etc… Do you have to REALLY think about these things before you do them? No. But we also don’t want to change these habits; they are automatic for a reason. When we WANT to change a habit, however, this is when being in the moment and mindfulness comes in. Was I being mindful when you went to the kitchen at work and “tasted” the snack on the table? Was I acknowledging how much I really worked out and working at my highest capacity at the gym? For many of us, the answer is no.

Do we lack motivation? Maybe… Motivation is often temporary, whereas mindfulness is intrinsic and therefore longer lasting. We want to change, we have a motive, and the desire; we just need to reset ourselves. The only way to make change is to be aware of what we are already doing. This is mindfulness.

Being mindful about food

As previously mentioned about food, we often don’t pay attention to really how much and what we are really consuming. So how do we change that? The first thing is to look in your cabinets and fridge at home to see what you are offering yourself. Are there mostly vegetables and healthy proteins or processed and boxed foods? What kind of foods are you using to nurture your body? This is the mindful part. You are actively looking at the food instead of just grabbing it and eating it. Once the unhealthy stuff is out, and replaced with healthy foods, you have taken action to do better. You can continue this by bringing your food to work, playing with different recipes at home, and you will be guaranteed to see changes in your mind and body.

Being mindful about exercise

We might be sitting on the couch, watching shows about weight loss and exercise; or drive by the gym meaning to get that workout in – that’s the “knowing better”. How do we transfer that into action? Many times, it takes two to tango. Ask a friend, co-worker, or family member to meet up with you for a walk, boot camp class, Zumba class, or hike! When someone else is involved in your physical activity, the drive and action to exercise is way higher. You’re more likely to get that workout in when someone else is holding you accountable, and vice versa. Can’t find a partner in crime? Sign up for a class at Bootique! There are plenty of supportive ladies just waiting to work out with you!

Being mindful about self-care

After all the exercise and eating right, you will undoubtedly feel great; although the soreness and mental stress might still linger. Remember to take time out not just to be mindful about good and exercise, but your mental care as well. Take time out for a bath, massage, or pedicure. Go to the beach and take a walk, read a book, or just listen to music. Whatever your self-care looks like, remember to make time for it, just like you make time for your other priorities. When you aren’t mindful and take action for this kind of care, the old habits and cycles might creep up again.

Remember, slips happen; but regular mindfulness, after some practice, will help you to keep on that right track for good. You will feel good, feel energized, and most importantly, feel confident!