When November rolls around, I find myself wondering where another year has gone! Thanksgiving and Christmas have snuck up once again and you know what that means… lots of big meals full of friendly calories approaching quickly. In most cases, we are lucky enough to be tempted by more than one of these meal, one at your parent’s, another at your significant others, one more for your company party, and all of the others in between.

With all the delicious, ‘once a year’ food lingering, it is easy to binge. This is especially easy when you are in a comfortable environment with all your loved ones.  So we eat and eat until we are in a food coma and that’s when the guilt sets in. Before you get too angry with yourself, take a deep breath and just prepare yourself to take the recovery road for the next couple of days.

Things you must avoid after a day of binging: starving yourself, salty foods, drinking alcoholic beverages, obsessing about your weight , and kicking yourself for consuming more calories than needed. This will only cause you to relapse and perhaps binge again very soon. Naughty, naughty!

Instead try these little recovery tips:

Drink up that yummy water!

In fact, this one you can start the day of your binging, how cool is that? Water is going to help flush you out and give you a detoxing effect. Between all of the sugary and alcoholic beverages lingering at every successful party, your body is most likely going to be completely dehydrated. This will help curb your next day cravings as – well now how about that?

Maintain a healthy and balance diet the following day.

Don’t try to cut out too many calories, attempt to go back to your consistent calorie intake that your body is used to. If you starve yourself and avoid eating, or if you snack throughout the day, you will either end up re-binging or in-taking more calories than anticipated. Do all that you can to go back to your same eating schedule and tendencies. You will be surprised at how quickly your body can recover.

Avoid saltiness

at all costs unless you want to look like bloated McGee, which is not my personal favorite! Really pay attention to the salt content in your meals for the next few days. By steering clear of salty foods, your bloated little belly will eventually subside.

Keep your exercise routine normal.

Be sure to try and jump back into your regular workout routine but if you do need to ease back into it, don’t get too down on yourself. Be sure that you do continue to work out.  Check the Bootique Fitness holiday schedule to see when you can fit in your boot camp and Zumba classes during this busy season. After a day full of comfort foods, and lots of them, exercising isn’t exactly the first thing your body wants to do. Give it time! Cut what your usually do in half, at least for the next day. This way you will still be getting some quality calorie burning in and keeping up your stamina.

Don’t forget about your old friends, fruits and vegetables.

The day after binge eating is the best time to load up on these healthy and low calorie foods. If you are still craving Grandma’s apple pie, try to eat some fruit instead – this could help put those sweet cravings at bay.

Remember that you are not the only one celebrating here. Most everyone is binge eating! With holidays comes the temptation and it is a hard one to avoid so don’t get down on yourself. Just know that you are going to be dedicated enough to come back from this minor setback.

The bottom line is, don’t over obsess about this during the holidays, there is always going to be a solution. Instead, have fun and embrace the moments that you get to spend with you friends and family!

Get out on Thanksgiving and join us for boot camp! We have class at the Hillcrest/Balboa Park location at 8:30 am on Thanksgiving. Plus, we’re doing a workout on the stairs at 7:30 am on Thanksgiving, too.