High Intensity Interval Training is great for weight loss and performance improvement.

It is ideal for those who are looking for results in a short period of time or those who feel like they have met their weight loss peak. Many times people stop losing weight because their body and muscles become accustomed to their workout routine. HIIT helps to keep this frustration from occurring.

HIIT is a short exercise session that works by mixing short, fast high intensity activity with slow, lighter activity. Begin by warming up your muscles, this is very important when doing such a high intensity workout in a short period of time. Once warmed up, begin doing short maximum intensity exercises, do several of them. Separate these high intensity intervals with moderate recover intervals. This does not mean to completely slow down but take your intensity level down a step or two in order to lower your heart rate and allow for more calories to be burned.

Where is the proof?

A study at an Australian University yielded results from two separate groups performing different levels of exercise intensity over a period of time. The first group consisted of 40 people who cycled at a consistent rate for 40 minutes. On average this group lost about two pounds. The second group did only 20 minutes of alternating pace intervals. Cycling at an accelerated speed for eight seconds and slowing for 12 seconds. The overall average pound lose for this group was six in only 20 minutes. Talk about time efficiency!

HIIT has shown to be more effective for burning fat and building muscle mass than long periods of low aerobic exercising.

In fact, you could burn up to NINE TIMES more fat than doing cardio. To top it off, your metabolism stays elevated for OVER 24 HOURS post workout which means you continue to burn calories after you are done with your quick sweat session.

Here is the down low on how beneficial HIIT can really be:

  • Burn more calories.
  • Fat burning increases during and after the workout.
  • Metabolism continues to stay peaked after the workout.
  • More time efficient.
  • Decrease appetite.
  • Increase your power, stamina, speed, and strength.

The possibilities and combinations are endless for HIIT. Whatever way you choose to utilize HIIT, it will guarantee to keep your muscles and body in top shape. Play around with changing things up within your usual HIIT routine. To make things more exciting, try mixing up the speed, intensity, distance, and repetitions of both your work and recovery interval. Try different exercises and find which one suites you best for HIIT. (Biking, cardio machines, running, swimming, the elliptical, etc.)

In order to really make this work and see results, please do the following:

  • Always start with a warm up.
  • Set realistic goals that are within your workout ability.
  • Start slowly.
  • Continually challenge yourself, but be sure to maintain a steady pace.
  • Eventually begin to increase the number of reps.
  • Decrease your heart rate during the rest period. Shoot for 110 or 110 BPM.
  • Slowly start to make changes over time, this will help you start seeing results.
  • Aim to do HIIT for a minimum of 12 minutes and no more than 30. That does no include the warm up or cool down.