Live everyday as a fresh, new start. Don’t dwell on what happened yesterday, the month before or even years before. What’s happened in the past can’t be undone, but you do have the power to control how you approach your future. Live in the present moment and treat each day as a gift.

Join us for a brisk walk in nature and let go of the world around you. The Las Penasquitos Canyon Waterfall is an easy, flat hike. We’ll take the shorter route, just over an hour total.

All are welcome. Monday is an MLK holiday so hopefully you can find time to play with us on Sunday, Jan 20th at 1 pm.

Parking: Just past the parking lot for $3 cash is a free lot. We’ll park in the free lot.

Here’s a dropped pin for the free parking. We will meet there promptly at 1 pm.

Where: The Las Penasquitos Canyon Waterfall – park here

What: easy, flat hike – about an hour

When: Sunday, Jan 20th at 1 pm

Who: Everyone – bring your family and friends

Full details on Facebook. Let us know you’re coming.