A lot of parents want their children to get a healthy diet. Sadly, busy schedules often interfere with that goal. Designing a plan to make sure that your children eat healthily is often challenging. Thankfully, there are resources available to make you and your family’s health much better on a low budget.

1. Buy Bulk Lentils

Lentils are a good meat substitute that cook fairly easily. After putting them in a pot to soak for an hour or two, they can then be cooked and prepared as a nice dish. Some good spices to try with lentils are cayenne pepper, garlic, cumin, and olive oil. These will make the lentils taste even more like meat. You can also add salt and sugar in moderation.

2. Buy Bulk Oatmeal

Bulk dry oatmeal is still pretty cheap. Sometimes it depends on the store you go shopping at. Adding fresh juice makes it natural, sweet, and healthy. Children may not like the oatmeal plain, but they are sure to like it with natural fruit sweetening. Good places to go to get oatmeal cheap include Amazon and Walmart among others. Oatmeal is a hearty food that contains fat and carbohydrates. It is a good way to nourish the human body on a budget.

3. Buy Melons

Melons are often pretty cheap, and they come in a great variety of wonderful flavors. Trying cantaloupe, watermelon, pineapple, and honeydew will greatly incentivize healthy eating for your children. Sometimes it is easier to buy cheap melons at second level discount stores. The main grocery chains often price them too highly. Ask your local store manager for special deals on melons. Sometimes, grocery stores have a discount produce section where you can buy older produce at a lower price. Melons are often one of the fruits that end up here.

4. Understand Reward Psychology

Children and adults like sweet and fat flavors. There are healthy foods that offer both. If your healthy dish does not have sweet or fat flavors, it is likely that it will be unpopular with children. Try adding fruit for sweets. Add avocados and nuts for fats. These flavors will make dishes more interesting without ruining your family’s interest in eating healthier.

5. Try The Unpleasant Salad Dishes Mixed Up With Other Foods

It is hard to eat raw arugula, spinach, or kale if it is not mixed up with other foods. However, these dark greens hold the secret to living a healthy and long life without disease. Dark green vegetables can help your body fight off infection and prevent cancers. Mixing them up with fruits, beans, or potatoes can help encourage consumption of them. Lean meals become a reality when you eat dark greens.

6. Learn From Professional Sources

Sometimes it takes extra motivation to get your children eating healthier. Reading books about the consequences of not taking responsibility for diet can help. As can going grocery shopping with your children and letting them pick out fruits and vegetables. Some good resources online to learn more information about good eating include WebMD and World’s Healthiest Foods.


Helping children eat healthier starts with parents taking responsibility for their dietary patterns. Children tend to imitate what they see adults doing. If adults are eating lots of vegetables and fruits, children likely will want to do so as well. If adults are skipping their vegetables and fruits, children likely will skip their vegetables and fruits as well. Taking the step to eat what your family should eat really only requires a trip to the grocery store. Although some of the plants may look strange, all of them have some health benefit that your diet could benefit from.

By Guest Author: Mia Morales is a loving wife and mother of twins from Colorado. She is a self-described “DIY addict”, and loves to decorate her house and office with her creations. As a mother, Mia is really passionate about health, nutrition, and what she puts in her body.