You’ve been thinking about this for a while. You’ve seen your friends and family get healthy and fit, and now it’s your turn.

You kinda know what to do… but how do you get started? What did your friends and family do and will it work for you? Start with some basics that healthy women follow and the rest will fall into place!

Healthy Women Eat Breakfast

We hear it time and time again, but breakfast it a good habit to get into. Mindful ladies don’t necessarily eat a huge breakfast with every food group right upon their yes opening, but some egg whites, veggies, yogurt and fruit, or a green smoothie will go a long way. Not only will you not be starving and want to over-eat at lunchtime, you will have the energy to get up, take the kids to school, drive to work, or whatever the day brings, without having to run on “fumes”. For even more energy, come to a morning Bootique boot camp class!

Healthy Women Eat Protein Filled Snacks

Another way healthy women avoid over-eating is having plenty of protein packed snacks around. Why protein? It fills you up faster and is the building block of muscles, tissue, and bones. These types of foods (nut butters, lean meats, Greek yogurt, and certain nuts) will help you before and after a workout to satiate cravings and stay satisfied.

Healthy Women Choose Good Drinks

Healthy ladies don’t drink their calories! Of course there is the occasional beer or glass of wine, but hydration is so important. Water, of course, is the best option; add fruit into an infusion bottle to change it up, or get carbonated (unsweetened) water if you’re feeling bubbly. When you’re working out and sweating it all out, plenty of water and electrolytes will do your body good. Keep a 32 ouncer at work and with you at all times – unlimited refills!

Healthy Women Appreciate Their Treats

Speaking of the occasional beer or wine, healthy women know when to treat themselves once in a awhile, and it’s not always with consuming drinks or food. They know when they need to relax and take a break. They know to treat themselves to a massage or pedicure because they’ve been working so hard and taking great care of themselves. We are all deserving of treating our mind and bodies with love and respect!

Healthy Women Try More Ways To Be Active

This group of ladies knows that intense workouts are not the only way to be fit and active. Rather than sitting down all day, they hike hills and trails. They play tennis, beach volleyball, and take yoga classes with their friends. They go for a bike ride, walk to the store instead of driving, and play outside with their family. They swim, jog in the nice weather, surf, play a game of basketball, or follow a video at home of Bootique Zumba. They make fitness not only a part of their day, but make it fun and rewarding part of their lifestyle.

Healthy Women Don’t Need To Compare

Women, who are healthy inside and out, do not compare themselves to others. They don’t measure their worth or progress based on the status of another. They encourage others, support each other, and pick each other up on bad days. They understand that, even though they may not see a certain number on the scale, they feel stronger, healthier, and more alive they did the day before. Their minds and habits are constantly evolving and they open to learning and growing.

Treat yourself well, take care of your body and mind, and talk to yourself as you would to your best friend. Become the healthy women you know you can be, and you’ll automatically inspire others to do the same. Be Healthy!