Spice It Up! The Mexican Food Plan

There you are, with friends at a happy hour, dinner, or Taco Tuesday. You smell the amazing food. You hear the sizzle from the fajitas. Then you calculate the calories and fat in the food that you really want to order.

What will you do? What will you eat? How can you still go to a Mexican restaurant and not just drink water all night? We talk about planning on this blog all the time. All you need is to set a plan to prepare yourself for the many choices we will have on this type of menu. You won’t be afraid to spice things up once you have these hot tips to help!

Healthy Mexican Food: The Chips and Salsa!!!

We all know them – Chips and Salsa. Every Mexican restaurant brings them to you right away with a glass of water, even before you’ve settled in to your seat. How can you conquer this obstacle?

  • Let the waiter/waitress know you do not want chips sent out
  • If you are with a group of people, and they DO want chips, move the chips out of arm’s reach of you (sounds silly, but trust me, you’ll have to make more of an effort to really REACH for those chips. It’ll look sillier than it sounds!)
  • Ask the waiter/waitress to bring hot carrots instead of chips. This way you can still munch with everyone, but without all the calories and fat.
  • Order a sensible appetizer like ceviche. Made with fish and lime, it’s a smarter choice that will fill you up like chips do.

Healthy Mexican Food: The Drinks

Margaritas and beer go hand in hand with a Mexican restaurant. For beverages, always ask for water first. Sometimes you really are just thirsty, and need to hydrate. If you want something besides water, order a “skinny” margarita with no salt. The “skinny” version usually has less sugars and calories; substituting the margarita mix with lime juice and agave nectar. Order a light version if you are going for a beer and limit the amount you order. You’ll be saving calories but also money in your pocket!

Healthy Mexican Food: The Dinner

If you know where you are going ahead of time, take a look at the menu online. You can look at the options and already know what you can order. This leaves less room for temptation while glancing over all the high caloric plates. Opt for grilled chicken and fish over fried or fattier meats like carnitas. If you order fajitas (great for protein and veggies), ask for corn tortillas instead of flour. Better yet, no tortillas. You will still be full – remember to pay attention to The Sigh! Order from the a la carte menu; no need for side orders. These restaurants normally dish out A LOT of food; so while everyone is patting their stomachs and feeling sick, you will feel satisfied and not overfilled.

Whether you are out with a group of people or just for lunch with a friend, Mexican restaurants can be tempting. Use these hot tips to spice up your meals in a healthy way!