Rain or shine, we know how determined our Bootique Fitness community is when it comes to getting our workouts in. But with the major temperature spikes the past few summers, it’s important to carefully acclimate to the heat before continuing an outdoor workout routine. Here’s a roundup of the best tips we could find to safely work out in the heat this summer.

Take It Slow

If the forecast says it will be warmer than usual in the coming weeks, plan to adjust. The American Council On Exercise (ACE) says it usually takes about two weeks of heat exposure combined with exercise to reduce an individual’s risk for heat injury. Whether you’re running outside or taking Yoga Vinyasa Flow at Balboa Park, give yourself some time to adjust before pushing as hard as you normally do.

Stay Consistent

If the heat decides to let up for a few days, try taking a hot yoga class to keep your body conditioned. When it gets hot again, you’ll have an easier time continuing where you left off. As with any workout regime, try not to take too many rest days in between workouts – it’s easier to fall off track than it is to readjust to the heat.

Dress Smart

Moisture-wicking workout tops were invented for situations like these. Lightweight, light-colored clothing and accessories are essential to keep cool and block out the sun. We also recommend throwing on a cute baseball hat, which can double as a ponytail holder if it has a snapback.

Protect Your Skin

Did you know that the lower leg is one of the most common places where women develop skin cancer? It’s easy to remember to apply sunscreen to the face and décolletage, thanks to SPF-infused skincare products. But how often do you use sunscreen on your legs before heading outside to workout? It’s a safe bet to pack a waterproof sport-type sunscreen in your gym bag, especially in summer.

The best tip we can give you when exercising in the heat is to be aware of how your body is reacting. If you get a headache, feel dizzy, experience confusion, muscle cramping or nausea, then it’s time to stop. Always let your trainer know if something doesn’t feel right. We are here to help you feel your best.

Have a safe and sweaty summer!