Trick Your Treat!

It is that time of year again – the kickoff to holiday madness. Before one festivity ends, it seems like preparation for the next one has already started. The temptation that comes along with each holiday can get overwhelming and very frustrating when you are striving to stick to a specific calorie intake plan. To kick the holiday season off, we have the sweets of Halloween creeping up on us around every corner attempting to haunt us. Have no fear, with these few little tips you will be the one tricking them this time around.

#1: Four miniature Snickers bars = 320 Calories.

If you decide to let yourself indulge then be sure you are willing to put in twice the effort. In order to burn off those extra sugary calories, you are going to have to double up your usual routine. So if you walk/run for 20 to 30 minutes a day make sure you do an extra 20 to 30 to counteract the Halloween snacking. Don’t think you have extra time to make that commitment? Then you may want to think twice about unwrapping those little chocolaty devils.

#2: Two fun-size M & M baggies = 180 Calories.

In honor of Halloween traditions, it is time to get funky with pumpkins! Whether you already have your pumpkins at home or you have yet to go to a pumpkin patch to pick some up, don’t be afraid to get down and dirty with them. Try pumpkin squats! Holding them chest level, lower yourself into a squat then straighten up lifting the pumpkin over your head. If you are feeling extra ambitious, try holding your squat for a five count before coming up. Do three sets, about 12-15 reps each time. It is a great and easy way to burn those yummy M & M’s off and it is very festive!

#3: Three miniature Twix bars = 150 Calories.

Continuing on with pumpkin fever, invite a friend over to work out with you and your pumpkin. You can use it just like you would a medicine ball. Pass it back and forth or side to side. See what kind of pumpkin exercises you can come up with. You may even want to bring a pumpkin to boot camp, sure it might be a little messy if one drops but knowing the ladies at boot camp, I am sure we would all get a good laugh out of it.

#4: A scoop of Candy Corn = 140 Calories.

Ok, so there may not be that many leaves to rake in the beautiful San Diego area but I know there is yard work that needs to be done! Working out in your yard can be rewarding as far as burning calories and knocking one down on the ‘honey-do-list’. By just raking your yard, your back, shoulders, core, and legs will get a wonderful work out. By just doing yard maintenance for half an hour, you could be burning around 110 calories. So stop pushing your yard work off and get to it, then you won’t feel so guilty about those yummy Candy Corns you snuck out of the bowl at work.

#5: Two snack size Milk Dud boxes = 108 Calories.

Get your booty outside and enjoy that beautiful Fall weather. Go for a hike at your favorite hiking spot, perhaps Balboa Park? Or if you have the time and space to host a little spooky bon-fire, do it! This will give you an excuse to get out in the woods and haul some heavy branches out. This is a great way to work your entire body and prepare for a spooktacular time!

#6: Six Bit-O-Honey treats = 180 Calories.

One lovely evening, take your kids or some friends out and bike around town looking at all the Halloween decorations. Not only will this be a fun reason to get out of the house, it will also help you burn a great amount of extra calories that you tagged on thanks to the candy bowl sitting in your house, ready for Sunday night.

#7: Seven fun-size Kit Kat bars = 511 Calories.

This one is a bit of a bummer, but there is a simple way to reverse what has been done. Run, Forest, run! Take your favorite scenic route and really push yourself. There is nothing like unwinding with a nice run and breathing in some of the refreshing fall air. If you need something to keep track of your pace and distance, hop on a treadmill or elliptical. The elliptical will always feel better on your joints if that is an issue you are dealing with.

Happy Halloween!

Get out there and beat the treats! After you get done with them, they will be the ones shaking in their wrappers.