Like the setting of this workout? We were having so much trouble with the wind outside we brought the workout into my apartment. I like how long Fauntelle’s legs look with the camera angle on the yin yang’s. On to the workout…

Give Me Everything you have for the next 5 Minutes and I’ll give you a stronger, better looking stomach!

Use this mat complex to flow through these exercises for the next 5 minutes. Remember – push yourself! More Intensity = Better Results!

Start with 10 ying yang’s
roll up to standing and take a 180 degree jump
burpee down and out to your push up position
take 2 push ups then
do a 1/2 roll over and start yin yangs again

Repeat this flow for 5 minutes non-stop. Once you complete it, rest 30-60 seconds and do it again.

How many rounds can you do? Leave us a comment on our blog and let us know how you liked (or dislike) the workout.