Well, maybe it doesn’t feel easy to get motivated to workout,

but with the following tips you can go from making excuses to getting results. Before you read the tips below, ask yourself these questions:

– Are you excited when you begin a new fitness routine?

– Do you enjoy working out initially and then gradually lose interest?

– Have you ever been frustrated by a lack of support in your fitness regimen?

– Do you set goals initially, but become discouraged after visiting the gym for what seems like the 100th time in 2 months and still no measurable results?

Answering “yes” to any or all of these questions signals your need for some motivation in your workout routine. Your “routine” is broken, not producing the results you want and counterproductive to creating feelings of excitement and motivation to lose weight and find a fitness regimen that you can sustain for a lifetime. You may find yourself going to the gym, not seeing the results you know you are capable of achieving and slowly losing interest in working out until you finally give up. Later, you may begin again only to find yourself in the same struggle. What gives? What is the cause of this vicious routine?

Absolutely, positively long, boring cardio workouts

Cardio isn’t bad for you, but too much of anything is, well… still too much. Instead of heading to the gym do the standard (read=boring) 30 minutes of treadmill, StairMaster or elliptical machine workout, try interval training. Combining strength training with cardio keeps your body burning more calories than doing one thing over and over again. The varying style of interval training is much more engaging to both you and your body, and it will produce results at at much quicker rate than long cardio routines.

No system to speak of

The most effective ways trainers are able to get the most out of their clients is by utilizing a system. We know that what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. But, what most people don’t know is that repetitive exercise routine doesn’t produce results long term for anyone. So, when you head to the gym for the same type of workout day after day, you aren’t doing yourself any favors results-wise.

At Bootique Fitness, results come standard because there is a system in place that helps clients build muscle, shed fat and increase stamina over time. No two workouts are the same and clients can be confident that their bodies aren’t becoming immune to the time they put in. In a word, the interval training sessions with Bootique Fitness are EFFECTIVE.

Afraid to add resistance

The name of the game in fitness is results. The number one reason people quit their current exercise routine is because they do not see tangible results in a reasonable amount of time. People aren’t interested in simply spending their precious time working out to look the same 6 months later. Most would consider little to no change in their appearance and health over a 6 month period a failure, and give up working out.

Results are very important to any exercise program and the trainers at Bootique Fitness understand this. That’s why they have a system (hey, there’s that word again) in place that measures individual goals and helps you keep track of your progress over time. The more progress you see, the more motivated you will become.

Support is low

It’s funny how you can start an exercise program enthused and barely in need of any motivation, either internally or externally, to get going. Over time, though, going to the gym alone can become depressing and just no fun. You know that if you had two or three workout partners to help you along, you’d be more likely to keep up with your current routine.

It’s no wonder, then, that Bootique Fitness offers group classes for women all over San Diego. They know one of the secrets to long term weight loss success is a great support system. While some people are blessed to have that in family and friends, others have to look elsewhere to find people who are as committed to fitness and reaching new goals as they are. The women of the outdoor boot camp classes offer a great support and are there to encourage and cheer each other in every class.

Keep Out!

The gym is an automatic motivation killer to most people because a few things happen once you get a gym membership. Those are:

1. You go, but over time, you don’t see the results you want;

2. You begin to wonder why you pay money monthly for something you don’t see the value in;

3. Going to the gym becomes increasingly difficult because you aren’t getting results;

4. You gradually stop going altogether.

The better way to work out is to ditch the gym. In sunny San Diego, there’s plenty of ways to get fit and see results that don’t involve stepping foot in a gym. The best way to get motivated is to sign up for Bootique Fitness’s women’s outdoor boot camp. It’s a system that works, provides feedback and results and there are plenty of San Diego women who are working to make their fitness goals happen and would encourage you to do the same.

Try Bootique Fitness for free and a good cause on Sunday, May 15th at 11am at Balboa Park at 6th and Upas.

The session with the help of our partners at dk hair will benefit the children of La Palmas Elementary School. While donations are appreciated, you can come free of charge and experience the great interval training workouts the trainers have to offer.