What’s all this talk of accountability and finding a workout buddy?

After all, we keep talking about it at boot camp and it’s all over our website and Facebook page too.

Well, it’s been shown that people who exercise with another person or in a group are much more likely to reach their fitness goals. Many Bootique’ers have taken the initiative to buddy up with each other to help get through the Sexy Slim Down Challenge and to burn extra calories. Here are five reasons why you should follow suit! Speaking of suit, hello swimsuit season?!! Yes, one more reason to read on..

5 Reasons you need an accountability partner

1) You’ll Be Much Less Likely to Cancel a Workout – It’s much easier to cancel on yourself than to cancel on someone else who depends on you. Much easier. Canceling even just one session can lead to decreased endurance and a lesser chance of you getting back into your workout flow. Good thing your partner’s got your back by keeping you accountable for your actions, or lack thereof!

2) Workouts will go by faster! – You know, time flies when you’re having fun! Sure, the latest running app has a real person’s voice that gives you feedback through your headphones but we all know it’s nothing like having a person actually standing in front of you telling you not to give up and to just get through one more push-up or burpee! You and your partner can be sure to give extra reinforcements to keep motivation levels high. Before you know it, you’ll be looking forward to workouts.

3) You’ll Work Harder – Assuming that you partner up with someone who’s at the same fitness level as or higher than you, you will undoubtedly push yourself to keep up with her. Why not take it a step further and turn it into a challenge? Who can spring to the lampposts and back first? Ready, set, RUN! Again, another way to have fun with the workouts.

4) You’ll Be More Likely to Try New Activities! There are the tried and true, conventional ways of exercising such as running, biking, and lifting weights. Then there are the activities that you don’t do everyday but maybe wish you could. Hiking, rock climbing, surfing, stand up paddling, and kickboxing are all exhilarating activities not to mention great for your body but when by ourselves, we may be less likely to take them up. For confidence and safety reasons, two is often better than one. Take advantage of the San Diego weather and partake in some outdoor activities!

5) You Can Celebrate Your Successes Together! While it will take time, that flat stomach and those toned thighs are waiting to be revealed. And when that day does come, think about how great it will feel to bask in all your glory or bathe in the sun with someone else who has been on the same exact journey as you? Don’t think of “success” as the end goal either – remember that just completing one workout is a success. Sometimes just getting to a workout is a success. So, say it with me girls.. CELEBRATE!!!!!

There you have it. There are plenty of ways to find workout buddies. Check out our private accountability group on Facebook to coordinate with another Bootique’er with a similar bootcamp schedule. If you love to run, talk to your friends, family and co-workers who share your hobby and try to schedule a run or two per week with this person to really challenge yourself. If you enjoy the gym, pay attention and see if there are any others there who seem to exercise similarly and ask them if they’d be interested in having a fitness buddy? Most of the time, working out alone is boring and kind of lonely – most people will jump at the opportunity to partner up! What are you waiting for?!