Do you usually go buy that latest ‘get fit quick gadgets? If so, you probably have a closet or even a room full of tools and equipment that you don’t use anymore.

A fitness tracker like Fitbit, is not much different that a gym membership or a treadmill… it’s only good if you use it. In this case, using it doesn’t mean just sporting it as a fashion accessory… but using it to motivate you to MOVE and meet your goal.

The truth of the matter is… the Fitbit isn’t magical. It can’t make you change your habits – but there are some things you can do to use your fitbit to get better results and attain your health and fitness goals.

Fitbit is a tool, not a magic wand

A little dose of reality for you – just because you own a Fitbit doesn’t mean you’re going to get fit. Fitbit is a tool, and if used correctly, it can be an incredible tool for motivation.

However, it can’t replace your own desire to succeed. Just like the treadmill, or yoga mat you bought, if you don’t use it, it won’t help. The key is to accept that it’s still up to you to pt in the work and allow your habits to change. That’s how you find success.

Don’t rely calorie count

Fitbit calorie counts are not likely accurate. They calculate your readings only on a few vital stats like age, gender, height and weight. Unfortunately, that’s not scientific enough to represent what your body is actually burning.

Set your own daily goals

You bought your Fitbit to increase the amount of activity your normally do, right? So if you’re already hitting a certain number of steps daily and it’s not changing your fitness level, you’re going to need to increase your goal.

We all know that if you just keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re not going to change anything. Use your Fitbit for a week and see how you compare and then change the targets to be more demanding.

At the same time make a list of the times during your day when you realistically have the opportunity to add in more steps. This will help you understand where you might need to make bigger changes for greater impact.

Join a Friendly Challenge

Here’s where the good stuff happens. Friendly challenges create a fun way to be held accountable and express your competitive nature to show off to your friends that you can out step anyone :).

Fitbit has created three separate challenges for you to encourage steps out of your fitness social circle – namely the Daily Showdown, Weekend Warrior (Saturday/Sunday), and the Workweek Hustle (Monday through Friday).

The challenges are pretty straight forward. The clock starts ticking at midnight in the time zone of the friend who proposed the challenge. Those who accept the challenge have their steps measured against other participants, and you can see who’s adding on, whether people are practically tied, or if anyone has achieved their own daily personal goals.

The Bootique Fitbit Project

We’re creating small group challenges starting Monday, April 11th. To get involved and get steppin’, join our Facebook Event. We’ll get you set up with a team.