A message from our friend Ro:

“As a lot of you may know, I’m not originally from San Diego. And for those of you who have ever moved away, you’ll know how difficult it can be to leave your best friends and family behind and then try to make new friends. In my case, I was very fortunate. I was introduced to an amazing group of women when I moved back to San Diego about 3 years ago – I originally moved to San Diego 5 years ago then went to LA for a few months then ran back to San Diego, it’s a long story and will be saved over a glass of wine later. Well, one of these amazing women was Sandra.
I met Sandra at a very traditional women’s gathering; watching Sunday football. From the get-go, her smile and laughter were contagious. And as we all sat around the room yelling, cheering and laughing at the 49ers, one thing was clear about Sandra, she was a huuuge Patriot fan; she herself was sitting in the corner of the room watching the Patriot game on her MacBook yelling at the computer screen.

After that day, I’m not sure if it was all the yelling or the margaritas, but we all became tremendously close. From Sunday Football to family nights to movie dates, we always make sure to plan events where we can all laugh and enjoy each other’s company. We’re a pretty tight-knit group of girls and Sandra’s smile and warm heart is at the center. Anyone who knows her will tell you of her sweetness, but also of her silly, clumsy and contagious humor. She, along with all our other friends, has made me feel welcome and at home; it’s like we had been friends forever. I was even able to convince her into my Paleoism for a bit! Ha!

So you can image how terrible it was to learn that she has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer; a pretty aggressive kind. She has become a statistic to an illness she as always fought against; she even participated in the Susan G. Koman walk for the cure last year with her girlfriend, Christy. I remember picking them both up after they had walked for 3 days, legs swollen and hungry, but so moved by the event and women who had come together to fight an illness that millions of women are falling victim to.

Over the last month, I’ve seen Sandra go through a roller coaster ride. She started chemotherapy a couple weeks ago and has been such a champ. She jokes about how so not a big deal this chemo is even though we all know otherwise. She continues to still smile and is not letting the illness get her spirits down and we’re all here cheering her along. However, what Sandra doesn’t know is that women all over San Diego are ready to support her as well!

Since I only surround myself with the most amazing group of women, Bootique and Spinal Connection ladies are ready to help my lady out too! Jaylin is always looking to promote wellness and she teamed up with Doctors Katie and Ali to celebrate being a woman and have a 3 day BOOBtique Tata Celebration with donations all going to my oh so lovely Sandra Miller! I was overcome with gratitude and Sandra at a loss for words. I know all the Bootique’ers have yet to meet Sandra, but I know that when you do, you’ll fall in love with her just as I have. If you can come out and support our Boobtacular Celebration, know that you’re supporting one of the greatest women I’ve ever met!
See you ladies at the 3 Day Celebration!”

3 day BOOBtique Tata Celebration

During the 3 day BOOBtique Tata Celebration, you may join us for any and all of the following events. These are free events open to everyone (non-members too). Donations of any amount are appreciated and will go directly towards making Sandra’s world brighter.

Join us for:

Sunday, Oct 19 – 11:30-12:15 pm Boot Camp at Mission Bay (sign up here)

Our friends from Blissed Out Massage will be out Sunday offering FREE CHAIR MASSAGES starting at 11:15 am!

Monday, Oct 20 – 6:00-7:00 pm Yoga in Mission Valley (sign up here)
Tuesday, Oct 21 – 7:15-8:15 pm Spinal Connection & Jessica (sign up here)

Tuesday night will have yummy nutritious bites and nutrition tips from Jessica as well as how to do a self check examination and proper bra fitting from Doctors Katie and Ali.

If you would like to make a donation but cannot make it to this event, you can donate online here. We appreciate your generosity. Our classes are open to all fitness levels from beginners to advanced athletes. Just bring a yoga mat and water to class.


On Sunday, at the Boot Camp fundraiser, you can enter to win a raffle of great wellness services:

Massage with Aliya at Blissed Out Massage

Acupuncture with Nicole at Remember to Breathe

Energy Healing with Brigette at Suite Manifestation

Paddle Board Rentals for 2 from Surf Divas

And KIND Healthy Snack bars for everyone!

All proceeds will be donated to Sandra Miller, an extraordinary woman!