We are the queens of multitasking. Kids, work, driving, laundry, cooking, errands, workouts; we do it all!

In most cases, multitasking seems to save our lives, but in the case of eating, making it a solo venture may REALLY save our lives. Eating while we are engaged in other activities can cause overeating and choosing unhealthy options. Let’s start to focus more on our food and give it the attention it deserves!

Are you REALLY hungry?

Sometimes we are just thirsty, so have water instead. Other times, we might be stressed, bored or worried about something, and find comfort in a “hand to mouth” activity. Try chewing gum, having a water bottle always on hand, or take a time out and deep breath. If indeed you really ARE hungry….

Eat Something!

Yes, if you are hungry, eat! Just make sure it’s not paired up with driving, talking on the phone, or watching T.V. – multitasking while eating does not allow you the attention you need to make the right choices. Take the time to put food on your plate, sit down at a table, and “Food Focus!” If you can’t sit down and make a healthy meal at the moment, remember having healthy snacks on you will also help! Soon, you’ll find yourself eating better (thinking before eating!), AND you can recognize your “Sigh” (noticing the feeling of being full)!

Food focus

When living life with Food Focus, we no longer have to worry about consuming extra calories and gaining weight! You can multitask when it’s needed: at work with emails, at home with the kids, or running errands – all without the food. When you begin to learn the signs and differences between hunger and emotions, eating meals will become enjoyable and healthier.

Pair up your Food Focus with great workouts, like Zumba, and Bootique classes; and watch your life RE-focus on a stronger and healthier you!