Fauntelle, our superstar personal trainer in San Diego, made it through 4 rounds in 4 minutes. Can you beat her score?

This is a mat complex. You will do a series of exercises that flow one into the next without stopping. In this mat complex, you will do a sequence of seven moves which lead you right into starting over and repeating the complex.

5 single leg squats
5 single burpee legs on the same leg that you used for squats
1/2 roll over onto your back
10 crunches
10 penguins
1/2 roll over onto your stomach
then jump up and start over

Do as many rounds as possible in 4 minutes. Each time you start a new round, do the opposite leg in your single leg squats and burpee legs. Keep your workout balanced.

You can repeat this mat complex for up to 5 rounds with a 30-60 second break in between. Or, combine it with our other Bootique Fitness videos for a more complete workout.

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