Many of us who are on our mission to be healthier have that internal dialogue of “I need to be smaller”, or “I want to be toned and fit, but not big”. We are subconsciously trying to become smaller, less than, instead of thinking of embracing a new lifestyle; growing “bigger” internally. Here are some tips to be MORE, not LESS.

No More Dieting

Eating more of the good things is what will get us to our goals and to a healthy lifestyle. There is no need to find sneaky ways to eat less food and teeny tiny portions. Having your meals consist of more greens, lean proteins, healthy fats and carbs is what will do it. The more healthy things you have on your plate (notice: MORE), the less room you will have for the unhealthy stuff.

What most “diets” have in common are unprocessed foods. Deleting extra additives, sodium, and sugars, we will instinctively replace these with whole and nutritious foods. Expand your mind (but not your waistline) with legumes, nuts, seeds, grains, and other veggies that are neither processed nor tasteless. Keep it tastier by using different spices, olive oils, and lower calorie marinades.

Internal Talk

Instead of “I want to weigh less”, try “I want to build more lean muscle”. Increase your mood with exercise, build your support system, and gain self-confidence. Focusing on these positive statements or mantras sound silly and simple, but whatever you tell yourself, you’re right! Why not FILL yourself with positive thinking; making your road to health and fitness a smooth one.

The Mirror, the Scale, and Ability

You’ve been working out, eating right and the scale isn’t budging; or worse yet, it went up a little. You put on your normal workout clothes and they just don’t feel right when you look in the mirror. This is a mental duo for disaster if you don’t stop that negative thinking right in its tracks. Stop and remember: What am I capable of now that I’ve gained strength, agility, and determination? You have more endurance, coordination, balance, and the best of all, better health! The scale and how you may feel one or two days does not reflect your successes. These tools aren’t always the best measurements for how you feel or what you have been able to accomplish.

Get Out Of Negative Land

Flipping the script in your head sounds like a tough one, but practice makes perfect; just like healthy and fitness. Getting out of the mental “Negative Land” is a natural journey you will take as you progress in your new healthy lifestyle.

Think even about one thing you have done that was a positive choice. Did you drive past that drive-thru and cook dinner Tuesday night (even if it was just one day that week)? Did you keep some healthy snacks in your purse so you didn’t over eat when you got home?

We tend to only think about the things we did wrong, instead of even one thing we did right. Make a list of the good choices you’ve made, and this will catapult you to more praise than insult. Take care of yourself physically and mentally and the script will rewrite itself. Be More!!!