Try a 30 Day Challenge to Kick-Start Your Fitness Goals

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30-Day Challenges are a great, digestible way to kickstart your goals and hopefully create a healthy habit along the way. These challenges can be anything from committing to flossing every day to incorporating a fitness move that gets harder as the month goes on. Committing to something for 30 days can be life changing. It allows you to open your [...]

HIIT Your Fitness Goals Faster

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HIIT, or High intensity interval training, is defined as short, intense bursts of physical activity followed by intervals of short rests. This type of intense workout has been known to burn calories at a higher rate, even up to 48-72 hours after activity. HIIT workouts can also increase metabolism, reduce insulin resistance and improve cardiac function allowing you to HIIT [...]

Beat the Heat with these 5 Workout Tips

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As we get further into summer and the thermometer continues to rise, it is very important to understand what you can do to keep yourself safe when exercising in extreme temperatures. Here are 5 workout tips help you stay healthy and beat the heat. 1) Be aware of the impact heat has on a routine workout Just because you are [...]

Biggest Fitness Mistakes You Might Be Making

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If you have been working out religiously for weeks or even months and are still not seeing the results you expect, it could be because you are making one or more of these common fitness mistakes. An important key on your journey to reaching your fitness goals is to ensure your effort and hard work isn’t being undermined by one [...]

The Case for Cardio: Why Aerobic Exercise Is A Crucial Component of a Healthy Lifestyle

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It’s no secret that popular fitness media portrays fat loss as the only objective of exercise. Cardio is often framed as an activity that you just have to get through until you reach your weight-loss goals. Many people view fitness as a finite process with a clear end point: getting down to the body size or shape you desire. And [...]

4 Reasons Group Exercise Will Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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At Bootique Fitness in San Diego, it’s all about the squad! You’ll come for the great workouts, and you’ll stay for the supportive, positive atmosphere. Our secret to helping you find success in our program is this fun group dynamic; not only does it mean our classes are welcoming and engaging, but it gives you all kinds of other benefits, [...]

5 Easy Ways To Rev Up Your Metabolism

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When you work out intensely and eat supportively for your weight goals - you should experience noticeable results each week. However, if you've been restricting your calories for a long time or if you have been sedentary for a long while, your body may not respond to your new fat burning habits right away. It's likely that your metabolism needs [...]

Injury Prevention Through Better Flexibility and Balance

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Before every Bootique workout in any of our San Diego locations, whether it’s cardio dance, outdoor bootcamp or personal training, our trainers lead a comprehensive warm up, which is changed up every month to ensure the exercises are efficient and always working your body in the right way. Although the warm up is a fun way to get your mind [...]

Why Spot Reduction Doesn’t Work

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We all want abs of steel, but for anyone who has tried to do a million crunches and wondered why they don’t have a six pack, it’s simple. Spot reduction doesn’t work. Fat is stored energy and it gets recruited equally from all areas of the body, although where you gain weight first is usually the last place you lose [...]

Down with the sickness?

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The sniffles, headaches, coughs, body pains, fatigue, and tiredness have all joined forces to bring to you exclusively, cold season! Oh, what joy! It comes every year without fail, lingering and choosing it's victims one by one. When you become the victim, it is hard to know exactly what the right precautions are to take when it comes to sticking [...]