Friendly Fitness: Ways to socialize and stay in shape

Most social activities are combined with relaxing, drinking and eating; not the most ideal situation for watching our weight or getting some exercise in. Why not combine health and socializing? You won’t have to worry about getting off track while spending time with friends. Here are some ideas to start you off!

Girls Night Out

Feeling the itch to go out? Maybe show off some dance moves? Gather up the ladies (and guys!) to Bootique’s Zumba with Jaylin on Tuesday or Thursday night! Not only will you get an amazing workout, but you’ll have fun dancing and socializing at the same time. Jaylin always has the top dance songs to work out to, and she throws some old school in there to keep it funky. By sign up for the Zumba class and ditching the club, you’ll also ditch the calories you would have consumed in the alcohol and heavier food you may have had! After class, head out to a healthy dinner or better yet, potluck it or cook at home for a fresher meal – you’ll need it after that Zumba!

Speaking of Cooking…

Start a healthy eating cooking club with your friends! Think of a theme night and email healthy recipes to try including appetizers, meals, desserts, and refreshments! Not only will you catch up and have fun with your friends, but you will eat well and pick up some healthy tools of the trade. Don’t think you have the right cooking skills? Sign up for a local cooking class with your buddies to learn new healthy recipes! Cooking classes are very interactive, social, and fun – and getting to eat your “classwork” when you’re finished? Awesome!


Get the group together for a fun, healthy, staycation! Start with a healthy breakfast at home, or if out, make sure to pick fresh fruits, veggies, and eggs for protein – something to start the day off right! Next, follow up with a Bootique yoga or Zumba class, bike ride at the beach, hike, kayaking – anything active and fun! Continue with a healthy lunch out (think greens, healthy carbs and protein), and treat yourself to a spa treatment at the local hotel. Bonus with the hotel: getting to use the amenities after! (showers, jacuzzis, pool, and steam rooms). With no money spent for a hotel room or travel, you’ll reap the benefits of a truly healthy vacation day.

Just “Cause”

Gather up the crew to run or walk a 5K! Instead of money you may have wasted on fatty foods and drinks, you can donate and get your fitness on for a great cause. With so many races and events going on in San Diego, there is no excuse to not get out there! Gather up after your 5K for some healthy smoothies good quality time with your friends.

There are many ways to incorporate fun, fitness, and health into your social life. So the next time you plan to get together with friends, challenge yourself to see how you can combine it with something healthy and fun. Not only will your friends like the change, but so will your waistline!