Sip this beverage for better shut eye

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If you find yourself having trouble falling asleep at night, a warm glass of milk may not be the only beverage that will help you nod off. For those who are lactose intolerant, vegan or just don’t enjoy the taste of milk, you are in luck. Sipping some tart cherry juice may be the answer. In a recent study, participants [...]

Why Women Should Do Squats

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Squats are the go-to move for anyone who strength trains because they engage more muscles than almost any other move. Squats work the thighs, glutes, and core because when you squat, you use all the muscles of your lower body to stay upright and balanced. A proper squat is a non-impact exercise and doesn’t put any pressure on your joints [...]

5 Tips for a Healthy Labor Day Weekend

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Labor Day is upon us, which means the long, lazy days of summer are almost over. Saying goodbye to summer is never fun, but luckily, here in San Diego, we get to enjoy warm days longer than most. This Labor Day, while you are making plans with family and friends, be sure you are also making time for yourself and [...]

Is 10,000 Steps Really the Magic Number?

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With the birth of fitness trackers like Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin... it seems a new phenomenon has arrived that means getting your 10,000 steps in each day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But why 10,000? What’s the significance of this number? In truth, there is no significance. It seems that 10,000 is an arbitrary number, but that doesn’t make it [...]

Adding Weights for Weight Loss

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If you have been hitting the gym for regular workouts and watching your nutrition, but you still struggle to lose weight, it may be time to add some weights to your routine. There is a misconception that adding weights to your workout will make you “bulk up”, but the opposite is actually true. Incorporating weight training builds lean muscle making [...]

Staying Healthy on Vacation

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It’s officially vacation season! And whether you are headed to a fabulous beach resort or an unforgettable site-seeing trip, it can be hard to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle when you are fully emerged in the food and festivities on your trip. But you can still enjoy yourself using these tips and tricks without totally going off the [...]

Best Resistance Training Exercises For Women

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Resistance Training, otherwise known as strength training, is the use of resistance in your fitness routine to help build strength, endurance and muscles. All well-rounded fitness programs for women should include strength training at least two days each week to improve joint function, bone density, and muscle, tendon and ligament strength. There are many types of exercises that count as [...]

Surprising Secrets About Exercise

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Everyone knows that exercise is good for your body and that getting your daily sweat session in is “heart healthy”, but that may not be enough motivation to get you up off the couch and into your running shoes. Studies show only 20% of Americans get the recommended 150 minutes of strength and cardiovascular physical activity per week and more [...]

4 Ways to Save Money and Lose Weight

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Most of us are on a budget, and trying to figure out how to balance saving money and losing weight can seem like a daunting task, but there is good news! Not only is it possible, saving cash can actually help to shrink your waistline! When you think about it, eating and saving money are surprisingly very similar behaviors since [...]

Best Hikes in San Diego This Spring

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Spring time in San Diego is a beautiful time of year. The weather is mild, the sun is shining, and the flowers are in full bloom. Take advantage of this glorious time of year by heading out for a hike on one of San Diego’s many trails. Here is a list of our top 5 hikes around the county. Torrey [...]