Success in fitness is all about consistency. Keep showing up, keep putting in the effort, and results happen.

The hardest part sometimes is finding something that will motivate that consistency. Finding a workout you love and recipes you enjoy is a big deal, but there are other factors that make a real difference in staying in it for the long haul.


Bootique Fitness members and trainers are women who value themselves and each other. We always encourage you to do your best, from when things are new and difficult, to long after you’ve mastered the moves and want to reach for the next level. We’re cheering for you—literally!


When you’re trying something new, it’s important to be able to get the help you need while still feeling safe. Nobody wants to feel dumb for asking questions. Bootique Fitness trainers and members know how to navigate a new routine. They’ve been there, tried that, and they’ll share their wisdom with you.


Nothing makes working out more of a drudgery than a humorless experience. Be fit, be healthy, be happy is our motto! Bootique women are fun, and some are darn funny! Laughter may not actually be medicine, but that positive feeling works wonders for your mood and mind. Not only that, but it helps build the trust you need to really go for it when you try new things with new people.


You’re here? You’re in! This club has no membership criteria, other than being willing to show up and sweat! You won’t feel like an outsider when you show up to our programs. We don’t care about your clothes, where you live, how fast you run, or how you vote. Don’t try Bootique if you like to be intimidated or treated like the new kid in the schoolyard, we don’t do that.

What do these traits all have in common? They describe what you need from your family. People you can count on, who help you with hard things, laugh with you, and value you unconditionally. Bootique’ers know why they keep coming back – they’ve found their fitness family. We think having a family makes all the difference.