Fiesta Buena (DJ Mam)

Change it up

Have you been doing the same workout routine for months, or even years? Although all exercise can be beneficial, doing the exact exercise routines and workouts over and over will eventually reduce the physical benefits. This is what we all know as our “plateau”.

What a better way to break that routine and over that plateau than with Cardio Dance/Zumba! With an infinite number of dance moves, and no dance experience needed, there is no way to get bored; physically or mentally! While following and learning new routines, your body will have to move like it may never have before; forcing your body to change how it burns calories and build different muscles.

What have you got to lose but weight, tension, and boredom! Come and see what can take you over that plateau and see amazing changes at Cardio Dance/Zumba!

One of the best ways to keep yourself sweating and burning calories is to keep having fun and Dance Fitness Party with Bootique Fitness is definitely fun! 60 consistent minutes of high energy, aerobic moves paired with fun songs you want to dance to anyway, is just what you need to stay motivated and keep the sweat flowing — you’ll love how good you feel after. We can’t wait to see you in class!

San Diego Cardio Dance Fitness Classes

You’ve probably heard of Zumba – the Latin-inspired dance craze that’s getting people fit all over the world. Our Dance Fitness classes are a lot like that – but we use more pop, hip-hip and high energy songs. These workouts are one of the best and most fun ways to burn calories. The fun music and easy-to-follow moves make it possible for anyone to feel like a rock star dancer. If you like San Diego Zumba classes but want something with a little more energy and more pop music, you’ll love our Dance Fitness Party classes.

Best of San Diego – Zumba by Jaylin

San Diego Magazine listed us as the BEST OF SAN DIEGO! We’re honored!

Get the schedule and details on our Dance Fitness Party page. Drop in classes are only $15 or become a member to get classes for as low as $6 each.