We are on-the-go ladies! Whether we are on our way to work, dropping the kids off at school, or just mentally preparing for the next errand, we can sometimes forget about our own plan; our healthy eating plan.

While you may have prepared your main meals, you can’t always plan when hunger sneaks up; or when you can’t have meals exactly when planned. These ideas will help you to plan for those moments when we need food, fast – not fast food.

Jerkin’ Around

Low fat, high in protein, and available in low calorie packs, jerky is a great choice for a quick snack. You can keep in in your purse, car, or work, and it will not spoil on you. Try turkey, pork, or sweet and savory flavors to satisfy you. Check out Krave Jerky for jerky packed with flavor and lean protein.

Going Nuts!

Pistachios are a great snack for when you are in the need for a quick hunger fix. Not only are the nuts itself a great source of protein, but cracking open the nuts will keep your hands busy. That means no reaching for other unhealthy snacks! These also come in fun flavors like garlic and chili lime. Crack on!

In a Snap!

Sugar Snap Peas are not only a nice green snack, but will help with that urge for something crunchy. Talk about volumizing – you can have almost 4 cups of these for 100 calories!

So Cute!

Sometimes an apple browns, or a banana, smushed. Keep a navel orange, or the smaller Cuties, on hand. A nice refreshing snack that will boost your vitamin C, and calm a sweet craving,

Speaking of sweet…

Snack bars are also a great option to have on hand – just need the right ones. Kind Bars are a great choice for a sweet and salty taste – some at just around 200 calories a bar. If you’re feeling something a little more decadent, but still high in protein and low in carbs,try the dessert flavors and textures of Quest Bars. Double Chocolate Chunk and Cookies n’ Cream? Yes please!

Even though we are always busy and running around, we don’t have to sacrifice healthy eating. Prepare these snacks and you’ll have more time and energy for the most important on-the-go lady – you!