Roughly a third of people give up their New Year’s resolution after the first 31 days. Whether it’s due to a busy schedule or lack of motivation, it’s not uncommon for a resolution to fall by the wayside after the first month. You don’t have to be in the 33%, though— It’s February and that means there’s plenty of time to get back on track! So, with 6 weeks of 2018 already on the books, it’s time to refresh and refocus on the goals you set just a few weeks ago.

If you’ve stuck to your goal so far, congratulations!

There were probably some days that were harder than others, and you may have even slipped up a time or two. Nevertheless, you’ve already accomplished something great by making a promise to yourself and sticking to it. Now that you’ve reached the one-month mark, it’s time to renew your motivation and keep at it! You might find it helpful to start keeping a journal or log of how your resolution is coming along each day. If frustration or discouragement is a challenge you’re facing, getting some of the emotion out on paper may help you work through those feelings. Looking back at your entries on great days where you achieved exactly what you wanted can prove to be motivational, too! Plus, forming the habit of jotting down a few notes about your progress each day is an accomplishment in itself, and can help you keep yourself in the mindset of achieving something each day. Small successes can build up to large ones, and your attitude towards your goals and chances of achieving them is key in this process!

If you’ve had more of a struggle when it comes to keeping your 2018 resolution, that’s okay too!

The end of month one is the perfect time to regroup and strategize for month two. First, identify the roadblocks you came across in pursuit of your goal in the first 31 days. Depending on what you come up with, your resolution may need a bit of tweaking. If you originally planned to run three miles six days a week, for example, or cut out all added sugar completely, the issue might simply be that your goal is a bit too aggressive to start. You’ll have a better chance of success if you begin with a more manageable pieces and work your way up. Try starting with a one-mile run three times per week, or a brisk walk every morning; see how you do with just cutting soda out of your diet for a few weeks, and continue from there. You can still make your original goal, but it may be more achievable if you take it little by little.

If your goal was practical but you had trouble with motivation, there are plenty of ways to get your head back in the game, too. Try providing yourself with a small reward each time you make progress towards your goal. If, for example, your resolution was to attend an outdoor personal training class at least three times per week, your reward might be a new yoga mat after staying on track three weeks in a row, or a favorite bubble bath or shower gel to enjoy at home after each class you complete. Even just having a visual representation to track your successes may help; draw a star on the calendar date or use a dry-erase marker to make a tally mark on your bathroom mirror each time you make a class. Whatever your method, make sure you’re tracking your progress in some way; each minor win helps motivate you for the next one!

No matter your track record so far this year, it’s absolutely not too late to turn it around!

Practice gratitude and be thankful for the beautiful opportunity that is a new month. Treat it like the gift that it is, and make the most of it! The only way to fail in accomplishing your resolution is to stop trying, so get yourself re-focused, renewed and excited, and get back out there!

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