Fall is quickly approaching, and that means sweaters, crisp air, and warm comfort foods. Foods that are high in “comfort” don’t also have to be high in calories. Check out these meals and beverages that are full of flavor and comfort, but won’t make you UN-comfortable in your clothes.

Hot Chocolate – Cocoa Power

This is the main event in fall/winter seasons! A nice mug of hot chocolate tastes so good on a cold day or evening after dinner. With cocoa’s combination of antioxidants, proteins, and carbs, this is a great “after workout” recovery and reward! Dash in some cinnamon and help insulin stay of the blood stream and from storing fat in your body! Hot, hot, hot!

Chicken Noodle Soup – Not Only For The Soul

Not only for the flu season, chicken noodle soup can warm you and fill you up without all the extra calories and fat. With plenty of veggies for your vitamins, broth based (vs cream based) for low calories, and chicken for protein, all your bases are covered. The way we eat soup (slowly, with a spoon, savoring each bite) also helps us feel fuller faster. Soup’s on!

The Deal with Oatmeal

This fiber and protein packed food is not just for breakfast anymore. This combo of nutrients can help decrease your consumption of carbs, make us feel fuller with less volume, and is definitely a warm satisfying food for cold days. Choose steel cut oatmeal to help with lower levels of blood sugar. Toatal comfort!

Pumpkin Please

Don’t be afraid! Pumpkin is packed with beta-carotene (as are roasted carrots!) an antioxidant that helps with inflammation. Why is this important? Inflammation in the body has been associated with fat storage! Keeping it down to a small slice, this Fall food will SQUASH out the fat in no time!

Chili Time

It may be called chili, but it’s a nice and hot meal for a cool night in at home. Tomatoes and beans have the protein and vitamins to keep you filled and satiated. It’s a soup, it’s a meal, it’s everything you want on a cold day. Can you handle some heat? Add some extra cayenne or other spices to increase your metabolism. It’s gettin’ chili in here!

Try these comfort foods and feel comfortable all year ‘round in your body! Switch things up by trying out different recipes and ways to enjoy these dishes and drinks. Fall in!

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