Facebook is an amazing tool for social networking, organizing social events, staying in touch friends, and for getting closer to your fitness goals!

Facebook is huge, and what you post on your Facebook is out there for all to see. That is precisely why it can help you realize your fitness goals. Below are five reasons why.

1. Post Your Goals on Status Updates. When you post your goals on your Facebook page, it becomes a written commitment. It becomes an informal contract between you and your Facebook. And that is huge. If you post that you are beginning a weight loss program, at least one of your friends will probably ask you about it later. That alone is going to hold many people more accountable because of the broadcasting nature of the status update.

2. Log Your Workouts. You can log your workouts by using your Facebook status, or by integrating another application or website such as Log Your Run.Whether you use the check-in feature on Facebook Places to show you arrived for your workout, or simply post something such as: Just finished my workout and am making a healthy dinner, the benefits are great. You benefit by the words of encouragement you will receive from your friends. Friends will ‘like’ your posts and often comment on the frequency of your workouts. Encouragement helps keep your motivation alive!

3. Invite Friends to Join You. Working out with a friend is often a very effective way to stay accountable. If your friends live too far to do that, invite them to join you via Facebook! You can create a group goal and post to your walls to hold each other accountable. You can even create goals and a timeline for yourselves.

4. Create a Facebook Fan Page. If you have a lot to lose, or a major goal such as running a marathon for the first time, creating a fan page can really help. It becomes a cause, and you can write posts on a daily or weekly basis about your progress. Again, people love to see transformations and you will get many fans that visit your page that need motivation themselves.

5.Create an Event. Facebook events are a great way to set goals with specific dates. You could even incorporate a post-goal party into the event. For example, you could organize an event 4 months from now that entails a health food potluck or an afternoon hike! It could be a social outing that goes hand in hand with your goals. Another way to stay accountable and share with your friends your accomplishments.

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