Here is an activity to really rev up your body during a workout – Kite Surfing. You always see people doing it and sure it looks easy but do not be fooled. This high intensity sport is not for the weak who enjoy a repetitive fitness routine, oh no, this activity will have you pulling and crunching and strengthening every muscle in your body. When it’s you against the wind, Mother Nature can be ruthless.

San Diego Fitness Lovers Take the Windy Route

If you want to get a great work out, love giving your muscles a run for their money, and cannot stand to be too far from the water’s edge, Kite Surfing is a fitness sport you must try. It is unpredictable and great for the sunny San Diego summer days ahead, plus you can work on your tan at the same time… bonus!

San Diego Water Spots for Kite Surfing

With so many beautiful, blue water ways in San Diego, there is really no excuse for not getting out and whipping around on a kite. Get your Kite Surfing on at these local San Diego spots: Sail Bay, Mission Bay, Shelter Island, and Coronado. If you are a first time rider, rest assured that there are many places to get great Kite Surfing instruction all throughout San Diego County.