Training with Jaylin is a great experience. She is energetic and the time flies by really fast. I always get an incredible workout and also have a lot of fun. I am definitely in better shape doing her boot camp class. I lost weight and am much stronger. It was also great to be surrounded by a community of women who became a support network for me.

The holistic approach was really important for me in terms of looking at my health from a 3 dimensional perspective. It isn’t just about the exercise. It is about how I am now taking care of myself overall. From my nutrition to stress levels – it is a great tool that I use to evaluate myself.

The amount of fun I have while getting a great workout is what I appreciate most and I think that is really unique. If you are not having fun then it’s not sustainable Just having a firm time and place that I know I am working out saves me the stress and anxiety of trying to figure out gym schedules, etc.

I would absolutely recommend Jaylin’s services.