Dr Katie enjoys being held accountable, doing quick and effective workouts and the camaraderie and teamwork in our San Diego boot camps.

“Bootique fitness is one of a kind! I love the fact that the workouts are never the same and Jaylin and Ed are always challenging you to take it up a notch. Trust me 45 minutes really can do the trick:) Combo that with some of their great nutrition counseling and whoa… watch the results come alive! I also really appreciate the accountability and camaraderie that I receive when I am working out. I know research shows that having a buddy system helps with commitment and I completely agree after becoming a part of the Bootique Fitness family. I have made new friends, I have more energy, and I am truly walking the walk of being healthy. Thank you Jaylin, you have amazing trainers and I couldn’t be more happy to have found you guys!”