Want to burn 700 calories every workout?

All it takes in the right amount of intensity and strategic progression. Adjusting the 4 elements of program design (reps, rest, resistance and rounds) in our specific method for increasing intensity creates 45 min workouts that can burn up to 700 calories DURING the workout. That is not even counting the Afterburn, the calories your body burns up in the 36 hours after an intense workout.

Each Wednesday, we will challenge you through a strategic circuit of exercises to systematically show you how to maximize your intensity during a workout to achieve the best results possible.

These workouts will be resistance band intensive. Please make sure you bring your own resistance band to ensure an appropriately challenging workout for you. These convenient and portable training tools provide versatile and efficient resistance for everyone. They allow you to work in functional environments through multiple planes with full range of motion during each exercise.

Each elastic band varies in intensity.

We recommend starting with a band that has light to medium resistance. Bands are approximately 4 feet long with handles. We have bands in stock, please contact us if you need one.

The next time you take on a workout, make sure you are not doing the same thing you did the time before. Your body needs a reason to get stronger, a reason to get leaner- give it one. Change at least 1 of these 4 variables. Add a few reps, increase your resistance, decrease your rest or do an extra round. Each of these changes can add to the intensity of your workout. The more intensity you add, the shorter you need to work to get the same or even better results!!