My First San Diego Zumba Class

Somewhere in the middle of 2012, I started a Zumba class and met Jaylin Allen. That was a difficult time for me since I was grieving a personal loss, dealing with panic attacks and was decidedly overweight. During the following months that I attended my Zumba classes, I found Jaylin’s positive attitude and energy highly contagious.

Sadly, sometime after, an old knee injury prevented me from attending any more classes, but Jaylin never gave up on me. She kept in touch by emailing me information on Zumba events, nutritional advice, motivational messages and insisting on me coming back.

Starting Over At Zumba in San Diego

It was towards the end of January 2014 that I was able to attend class again at the new address, Dance Place at Liberty Station, a bright and spacious location with lots of windows, where I’ve learned to exercise intensely in a fun and friendly atmosphere and where each student works out at their own pace without judging others. But best of all, working out with Jaylin, an instructor who possesses a special blend of personal style, a positive attitude mixed with her kind demeanor, empathy and respect for her students, has motivated me to give my best regardless of how tired I’ve felt at times.

“I’ve never felt with so much energy and strength”

After a year of attending my Zumba classes regularly, I can say that I’ve never felt with so much energy and strength, so much that my panic attacks have practically disappeared, but just in case they return, I’ve got my spot near the window. I have learned new dance steps and new songs that I never thought I could even sing, tunes such as Bailando, Monster Winer or Uptown Funk. And don’t believe me just watch, because I don’t care who’s watching since I enjoy them so much as I dance and jump. I even practice at home, in front of my children and grandchildren, who look at me with puzzled and worried faces.

Thanks Jaylin, for insisting on me coming back. I’m so happy I did.

It’s a pleasure to dance with you Dorina! – Jaylin