Most people want to lose weight at told to count calories – how about counting something else that has the same effect? Let’s take these numbers for example: 4, 7, 8, 2, and 1.

Count these instead of calories

4 – 4 represents the minimal number of workouts/exercise days you should aim for in a week. Take a Zumba class or schedule a time after work to walk/jog with a friend, your partner, or the whole family. Sign up for a boot camp 2-3 times a week to help with accountability. If you keep it different, interesting to you, and involve others, exercise becomes not only fun, but will become an important part of your routine to last a lifetime.

7 – 7 represents the number of hours you should sleep each night. I know I know, you’ve heard it all before. So that probably means there is something to it! With little to no sleep, your body not only won’t have enough energy to last you through the day, but there won’t be much energy left for a workout; let alone your drive home. If you have trouble sleeping, give yourself time to change your habit. Start each night by going to bed at a decent time; also try decaf tea, a bath, and stretching before bed. You may not fall asleep right away, but at least you’ll be in the right frame of mind and body. Soon, you’ll be catching those Zs and gaining more energy.

8 – 8 represents the number of glasses of water you should drink each day; we need to be properly hydrated to keep going! Keep a water bottle at work or in your car. Try unsweetened flavored carbonated water for a kick of something different. Water helps curb cravings, maintains the water you already have in your body (and the water you lose), helps build muscle, it helps our organs work on the up and up, and makes our skin glow like the sun. Drink it up!

2 – 2 represents the number of times you should eat greens each day. Breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner – pick at least two times a day and you’re green! Keep it different with a mix of greens: kale, spinach, Brussels sprouts, zucchini, etc… Put it in a smoothie, in a salad, or raw sides are the best for the most nutrients. Go Green!

1 – This represents the number of times you should get up and take a walk or just move around. No more counting steps! If you get up and walk around every hour, and even better, schedule a time to take a 20-30 minute walk each day, you’re health and energy level zooms up! It can be at work, taking a quick break from chores, or walking to meet a friend for coffee. It’s your time to de-stress, breathe, and be in the moment, while getting healthier by the step!

Getting healthier and more fit is easy as 4, 7, 8, 2, 1! Let’s get to it!