Pump It Up! Finding the Fun in Your Fitness!

Maybe you are starting a new journey into fitness, or you need something to switch up your routine; regardless of where you are at in your exercise endeavors, everyone needs to find that fun in their workouts.

What are you missing from your workout routine? What can you add or who can help on your journey? Integrating these tips into your workout regime will put fun back into your fitness; and will make you want to workout more than the normal!

Just Beat It!

How many burpees were you able to do in the last bootcamp class? How many push-ups in the last tabata? Keep count or time how long you are able to do a certain exercise and next time, try to beat your own number. The only person you are competing against ever is yourself! Competition can bring the fun and fire into your workout; and there is nothing better than improving and beating your time or number of reps each time.

Find Your Jam!

Do you like to listen to a certain playlist on your runs? Or have those same songs from 5 years ago that used to get you pumped up but seem to not do the trick? (Fergie isn’t movin’ your humps anymore?). Time to change up those tunes. Take some time in the evening or morning before work and look up some songs that get you going; even in the car.

Make a few different playlists do you can rotate and not get as bored so easily. Talk to your friends or workout buddies and find out what type of music gets their bodies moving. While at your boot camp or Zumba class (with Bootique Fitness of course!), put in your phone some of the tracks that your trainer used. Before you know it, you’ll have 5 different playlists; and your only problem will be which one to start with first!

Make the Plan

Do you have the motivation and the playlists, now what? Plan which activity you are going to do that day before the time gets here. Thinking about Wednesday night boot camp in Hillcrest? Get on your phone or online and sign up asap.

This way, you are already committed, and will probably even get an electronic reminder! Want to finally try Bootique’s Zumba class? Bring a friend to come with you. Again, more accountability to show up and burn those calories. If you make your plans ahead of time, you’ll actually show up – and this is where the fun begins!

Over The Top

Although you are finally excited and having fun in your workouts, don’t over do it! If you burn out really quickly, you will be less likely to return to the activity you were having fun with. Over-training (over doing it) can lead to not only injuries, but overall emotional and physical fatigue. Make sure to take a day off to let your body recover. Drink lots of water, get plenty of sleep, and talk to your trainer to make sure you are working at capacity; but not overdoing it.

You’ve heard it before, but working out can be fun! Enlist your biggest supporters to join your fitness journey (friends, family, Bootique trainers and workout buddies), ignite your competitive spirit, turn up your motivational music, and get movin’!