I can understand how dk hair is the winner of A-list Best Hair Salon! My experience at dk hair with David, Jessica, and Danielle was smooth, relaxing, and I came out feeling beautiful!

Daniel first welcomed me to the salon with an offer of water, tea, or wine. He was so inviting and charismatic! I could have chatted with him all day about Bootique Fitness for guys.

Being a partner of Bootique Fitness, I met David (pronounced Da-veed), dk hair’s co-owner / stylist when we did a fundraiser boot camp in Balboa Park back in May. He is good-natured, kind, and has quite an artistic eye when it comes to understanding his clients vision.

I have always despised cutting my hair thanks to a visit to the salon in 6th grade in which my mom insists to this day that I said I wanted short hair. I came out with exactly that however add my natural curls and voila I had an afro! On a family vacation later that summer a cashier asked me will that be all son? This ended my enjoyable visits to the hair salon once, and what I thought was, for all. Not so! I explained to David I hadn’t cut my hair in 7 months, I was in the midst of growing out a Brazilian Blowout from 2 months before, and I had colored it 3 times in the last 2 months as well.

Needless to say my hair was in dire need of his handiwork. I told him exactly what I wanted: to have healthy shiny hair but to cut off only what was absolutely necessary to remove my split ends. He washed and dried my hair straight then used the dry cut method which is simply cutting my hair when dry instead of wet. This was perfect for my case because he could see exactly how much to take off without having to factor in when wet hair dries and shortens up slightly.

After the cut he went into styling mode. I was impressed with how quickly he was able to transform my hair that he’d just flat ironed (which was beautiful) into full banana curls. All of the products used during my visit were Bumble and Bumble. My hair smelled great and was shiny and bouncy, and still plenty long! The curls lasted an hour drive and through an entire evening at a wedding.

I also had the pleasure of having my makeup done by Jessica. We discussed doing a smoky eye which she made up with grays and blacks in the TRUE Cosmetics line. My skin looked great and it felt like I barely had any makeup on success!

I must mention I was on a bit of a time crunch and even as we neared the moment I needed to bolt out the door to leave for the wedding, David and Jessica were both so accommodating, even working on my hair and makeup simultaneously to ensure I was looking great and out the door in time.

Overall, dk hair gave me healthy beautiful locks and a fabulous face for my evening out. The level of professionalism paired with experience makes me eager to go back for yet another haircut!

Since dk hair is partners with Bootique Fitness, they will give you 20% off your first visit. Just tell them you’re a friend of ours and they will take great care of you.