What’s the difference between diet and dieting?

We see the word “diet” and think of a lack of good foods, feeling deprived, and already in the “failure cycle” mode. The way we can help ourselves to stop “dieting” is to turn that word from a verb to its healthy noun; Diet. Diet is a balance of eating nutritious and delicious food, even incorporating some fats, carbs, and sugars in moderation – all to help fuel us for exercise and our daily lives. We all struggle with replacements, but the following can really help to make some small changes on your journey of weight loss and healthier eating.

A Healthy Diet doesn’t need hidden calories

Many dips and sauces contain extra fat, sugars, and calories we don’t need. Why not try Greek yogurt for a good substitute? Combine non-fat plain yogurt, and add spices, honey, chopped onions, hot sauce (a low calorie one) and get an amazing low fat dip! The yogurt absorbs the entire flavor and has the consistency that I missed in using sour cream or mayo. Pair it with cut up veggies or pita chips (sparingly) and there you go! If you haven’t tried it yet – please do! You won’t be deprived and can continue to be a Dipper!

A Healthy Diet doesn’t need empty liquid calories

We all hear about how certain beverages can impede a healthy diet. The bottom line is this: We don’t want to drink our calories or sugars! More than half of a woman’s body is made up of water; so how can we not fill ourselves with it!? The mere fact that we would die after three days without it is the most obvious fact that we need it; but it is also a great way to help with cravings and helps us stay hydrated. If anything, it even helps our skin look and feel better! Get a couple fun 32 oz. water bottles, keep one at work and one at home, and fill it up 2-3 times a day. Try to keep water and flavored carbonated water at home (sans sugars) when you feel you need that carbonation instead of sodas – out of sight, out of mind. Give it a couple weeks and you’ll find your body and mind will no longer crave the sugary beverages. Give it another couple weeks and your friends and family will ask what new skin products you’ve been using because “your skin looks amazing!”

Diet isn’t a dirty word

There are many other aspects and topics on maintaining a healthy diet, but here is the mental root of it all: using the word “dieting” or “diet” as an action phrase can create an anxiety or fear of failure; even before you begin to make a change! A diet is a balanced way of eating that all humans need to function and live a healthy life; not a new fad, pill, or 12 week quick fix. It’s a positive way of eating and living life to our highest potential! So dip, drink, and create a fresh diet in your life; and prepare for those compliments on how you’re glowing – inside and out!