I’m about 50 lbs lighter, which feels phenomenal.

“Something finally clicked with me and I realized I needed that extra push to get healthy, which is where Bootique came in. Checking in for classes keeps me accountable, and I enjoy being challenged in every class. As a result, on top of losing inches (and weight), I’m much stronger now and more confident in myself.

I’ve developed muscle definition, and I have much more energy throughout the day. My posture, balance, and flexibility has also improved. Bootique’s trainers are all absolutely wonderful. They set challenging, but do-able, exercises, and it’s always something different in every class. I also really like how they’re quick to provide modifications to accommodate old injuries and/or ability. Plus, they’re all just plain fun to be around.

I love the sense of community. We’re this whole network of ladies that are all here with compatible goals; we celebrate each others’ successes and support each other through rougher times.”

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