Use this simple workout video to get strong and crush calories. All you need for this 4 minute circuit is a resistance band and an interval timer

Fauntelle, one of our San Diego personal trainers, shows you how to do 4 exercises that will target your whole body. Theses exercises are completed in a circuit with little rest for maximum calorie crushing and fat burning to make you feel lean and fabulous.

This circuit is just 4 exercises that you do for 50 seconds each with a 10 second rest back to back. After you complete a circuit, you can rest for 30-60 seconds and then do it again.

How many calorie crushing circuits can you do?

Set your interval timer to 50 seconds and 10 seconds. After you complete a round of all four exercises, take a short rest and then rest your timer and do the circuit again. Push yourself! The harder you work, the better your results! Make sure you warm up before you attach this circuit and cool down/stretch after.

Boot Camp Exercise #1: Reverse lunge with a glute lift
Boot Camp Exercise #2: Reverse lunge with a glute lift (other side)
Boot Camp Exercise #3: Spiderman pushups
Boot Camp Exercise #4: Total Body “T”

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