If you are looking to burn the most amount of fat in only 10-20 minutes, these continuous 30 seconds workouts are just for you. The following workouts can be done in the comfort of your living room.

Rotate through the following exercises for 30 seconds each. Keep going until you hit your 10 minute mark. If you have the time and energy, do 2 of them.

Workout #1
1. forward lunge alternating
2. kneeling push-ups

Workout #2
1. squat
2. jump side to side

Workout #3
1. mountain climber
2. tricep dips

For example: In the next 10 minutes, do 30 seconds of forward lunges, then 30 seconds of kneeling push-ups, then 30 seconds of forward lunges… 10 rounds total for a quick and efficient 10 minute fat loss workout.