Share The Love

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Want to know how to leave us an online review? Your feedback is super important to us! Plus you'd be doing us a huge favor. :) 5 Star online reviews are incredibly important for a business as they show Google that we should rank on top so that the women of San Diego who are looking to get fit and feel [...]

Community Event: Wine Down Yoga Sunday

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The Spinal Connection & Bootique Fitness have joined forces and together we want to share a Sunday Fun-day with you! We will begin with 1 hour of yoga, infused with fun music, fit for all levels from beginners to advanced. Class will be taught by Bootique yogi - Ali and Spinal Connection yogi - Tracy. We’ll end the practice with [...]

Jaylin Supports Omar Passons – Boot Camp Event

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I am thrilled to be hosting an exclusive, family-friendly, co-ed boot camp work out event to raise money for my friend Omar Passons, who is running for the County Board of Supervisors. I have never asked anyone to make a political contribution before, but I am doing it now because I deeply believe Omar is right for San Diego. I [...]

Bootique Fitness Tank Tops – Brand New Design

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We're excited to bring you a brand new design of our custom Bootique Fitness racerback tank tops. On the front, they say: Positive Mind Positive Energy Positive Life On the back they will have our logo. To place an order, email me with the style, size and quantity you'd like. All orders must be in by Tuesday, Sept 5th. Thank [...]

How To Make Imperfect Nutrition Perfect

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve made a commitment to your health and fitness. You’re working out and eating right. You’re making changes for the better. But sometimes change is tough, and success can feel like a real challenge. At Bootique Fitness, we do life-style, not now-style. Lifestyle means that you aren't expected to aim for 100%. Even 90% [...]

Bootique Picnics At The Park

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March's community event is getting together for a lovely, relaxing time at the park. Sunday, March 12th at 1:00 pm Balboa Park - 600 Upas St Come out and celebrate daylight savings Spring forward! This park day includes: a stretching and foam rolling session BYO brown bag lunch play with bocce ball and frisbee Friends and family are welcome. Bring [...]

Bootique Celebrates Jaylin’s Birthday

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This month's community event is a happy hour at Miguel's in Old Town! Saturday, Feb 4th at 3:00 pm It's Jaylin's birthday month! That's right - MONTH! hehe... Feb 14th is Jaylin's actual birth date. It's on a Tuesday this year! All great things are on a Tuesday this year. #may30th :) While there will be a super fun Dance [...]

Bootique Goes To The Movies

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This month's community event is a trip to the beautiful new multiplex theatre at Liberty Station - The Lot. Saturday, Jan 14th at 6:30 pm You can get free tickets here (LIMITED TIME - GET THEM NOW) They have a very limited selection of movies - in fact, movies for Jan 14th aren't even listed yet - but the show [...]

How To Get Better Results Using A Fitbit

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Do you usually go buy that latest 'get fit quick gadgets? If so, you probably have a closet or even a room full of tools and equipment that you don't use anymore. A fitness tracker like Fitbit, is not much different that a gym membership or a treadmill... it's only good if you use it. In this case, using it [...]

Thank you for helping us raise money for the Emilio Nares Foundation

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A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out to workout and support the Emilio Nares Foundation on Sunday, October 11th. With the help of our Bootique community, $655 was raised to help ENF and the families affected by childhood cancer. This one event combined with the fundraising efforts of Lauren Kelley of Blissedout Massage we've collectively raised almost $5000 [...]