Less Cardio Lead To Better Results for Boot Camp Bride

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Cutting back on cardio helped me lose weight This week was good. I worked through some feelings of over-training by cutting down on the cardio sessions and putting 100% of my energy into boot camp on Wednesday and Friday. I had been doing hours of cardio daily - and still starting to hit a plateau. Upon Bootique Fitness's advice, I [...]

Bridal Boot Camper Is Getting Married In 2 Months!

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Less than two months until my wedding! It’s really getting down to the wire. I have approximately 1 month until my alterations appointment. That means, I have 1 month to get to the weight I’d like to stay and maintain until the wedding! I am already really close. (yay!) I don’t want to get to an unrealistic or unhealthy weight [...]

Bridal Boot Camper’s Dress is Too Big in the Hips

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Staying consistent with Boot Camp, Nutrition and Cardio Wow, January is flying by. I am continually making progress and sticking to my workouts the majority of the time. I am consistent with my nutrition (healthy with some allowances for chocolate here are there), and consistent with my bootcamps (2-3 times per week - but mostly 3) & cardio (5 times [...]

Bridal Boot Camper Has Lost 15 Pounds of Fat!

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Hit the 15 pound weight loss mark from boot camp Hey folks!! Had a great week, feeling great and getting compliments on my weight-loss! This week I jumped right back into my workouts and had success on the scale too! hit the 15 pound weight-loss mark and I'm getting into some of my smallest clothing. I had a fun day [...]

Bridal Boot Camper Celebrates The New Year in Boot Camp

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Celebrating the new year with 3 Boot Camp workouts Ringing in the new year nicely with three solid workouts at Bootique Fitness! What a nice way to start the year. While workouts remained consistent throughout the holiday season, little salty crunchy things called tortilla chips tempted me on New Years. Normally, I count out 5-8 chips and stick to that. [...]

Boot Camp Bride Survives The Holidays

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3 Month End Benchpoint Things are shaping up quite nicely on the way to my big day. Wedding plans solidifying, out of town family buying their plane tickets, and my body is getting fit and ready! Lost 2% more bodyfat We remeasured, and it was a consistent 1/2 inch loss from most areas. I lost 2% bodyfat this month, bringing [...]