Cinco de Mayo and Margaritas go hand in hand, right?

Well, not so much if you don’t want to destroy your hard working exercise efforts. However, I know that many of my clients in San Diego are going to do some kind of alcohol-related celebrating for Cinco de Mayo – so, here’s our suggestion:

The Ro-Garita

Named after our fantastic fitness trainer Ro aka Paleo-Ro, this Margarita substitute eliminates most of the sugar that regular margaritas have. Instead, you can simplify this Ro-Garita recipe down to just 3 ingredients: Tequila, Agave and Lime juice.

How to make a Ro-Garita

  1. Combine ½ oz of Agave syrup, 1 ½ oz of top shelf 100% Agave tequila and the juice of 1 whole lime into a shaker with ice.
  2. Shake like crazy
  3. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

A bonus to the Ro-Garita, this may taste a bit stronger than ordinary margaritas, which means you are more likely to sip it and drink slower.  Additionally, while a typical frozen margarita packs roughly 500 calories or more, the Ro-Garita substitute is only about 150 calories; now that’s a serious calorie adjustment! Most full bars will carry agave, so don’t be afraid to customize your drink order if you’re heading out for the night.

As always, drink responsibly!