Carol is happy she found a program where she doesn’t feel intimidated.

I’m seeing results, I have a lot of fun. The gals I work out with are great group of girls and the trainers are amazing. I encourage everybody to come out and try it. Like me, you’ll have fun every time you show up.

I am so excited I took the first step! I was nervous about joining a fitness program as it had been quite some time since exercise & I had a recurring date. Well Bootique Fitness changed that for me and I could not be more thankful. Here I am, still committed a year and a half later. As a women over 50, exercise needed to be in my daily regime. Now I can say it is as I cannot miss those Bootcamp dates. I have been reintroduced to proper nutrition and the habits of being healthy. The trainers, Ed, Jaylin & Sarah are so informative, attentive and supportive. They encourage you, challenge you and are proud of you every step of the way. Just when you don’t think you can get one more rep in, Ed is there to let you know that YES YOU CAN! (and you Do!) The women in the classes are a great group. New Friendships are made, laughs are shared and successes are celebrated! I am proud of my continued commitment. The inches are changing, the weight is moving and I am feeling healthy and strong. I highly encourage all women of any age to take that first step and join. I know that you will be glad you did.