What’s Wrong With the Quick Fix?

If you are anything like the rest of the women in the world that struggle with weight loss and getting healthy, you might resonate with the “quick fix”. You know; when you want to lose 20 pounds…but lose it now. We diet, fast, juice, and smoothie our way into losing this weight in a ridiculously short time frame. Why is it ridiculous? Because more times than not, the weight comes RIGHT back on as quickly as we lost it. Why not change our paths to weight loss and health as to also change the results? The answer is: Patience. Yes, of course, changing our diet and exercise routine is extremely important; but being patient with the time you lose weight will help you keep that weight off!! Here are some examples and solutions to quickies we can fall into.

Drastic Methods

This is the first step into the “lose it quick, gain it back quicker” cycle. As mentioned before, whether it’s a cleanse, fast, “barely there” food plan, pills, etc…these types of changes just put the weight back on once we are back on a normal diet. Moreover, it can lead us to binge eat and have unnecessary mental cravings once we are done. Eating a balanced diet and slowly losing a healthy 1-2 pounds a week will be your surefire way to keep it off in the long run.

Make it Simple

Don’t try and complicate it! If you are starting a rapid weight loss plan that seems too complicated to follow, you will lose your steam and fall off that wagon. Start simple by replacing 1 or 2 bad habits and increase from there. Pick an exercise you like, i.e. walking outside on your lunch break, bike ride, etc…and increase the amount week by week. If it’s too hard to follow, it won’t last!

What Happens Now?

Ditch all those rapid, quick fixes and get on a plan that you can stick to for life! Talk to a nutritionist, personal trainer, or your healthy friends and get on that bandwagon. Start keeping a food journal to see how and what you really eat each day. Practice patience. Write down the other accomplishments (besides just weight loss) you have done so far. Did you walk a longer/faster distance than you did last week? Did you drive by that fast food place you normally go to for dinner? These might seem small, but they are huge when it comes to changing your habits and keeping the weight you lost gone forever!