Studies are now showing there is a very good chance it can.

Aging and all it’s encompassing characteristics — fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and even pigmentation—were once thought to be caused by processes of stretching and sagging. We now know it’s actually a process of muscle deflation as our skin becomes less firm and loses structural support our skin deflates causing deep folds.

But if exercise can help improve joints and tissue strength, shouldn’t it prevent skin from losing elasticity and structural support too?

Exercise may help your skin look younger

In 2014, researchers from McMaster University conducted a study with mice and found that mice that were given access to running wheels and exercising equipment were much healthier than those mice that weren’t. The active mice had healthier brains, hearts, muscles and their fur did not turn gray or develop any wrinkles. Therefore, as far as the mice were concerned there was a positive correlation between the health of the mice’s skin and the amount of exercise the mice had.

But what about humans? After all, we don’t exactly have fur coats and access to running wheels.

Exercise creates a more youthful complexion

Following up their study with a human trial, the McMaster researchers surveyed twenty-nine subjects ranging from 20 to 84 years old. Comparing those who were active for at least three hours of physical activity a week to those who were not, researchers found a direct impact on the mitochondrial genome, or the cells that convert our food into energy. For those participants who were active, when the mitochondrial DNA began it’s process of duplicating, it did so preserving the mutations that made the skin tighter and healthier. Rather than the newer cells copying and destroying themselves or copying with mutations that made its structure less firm, the newer cells only reflected the healthiest traits leaving an outward appearance of stronger skin and a more youthful complexion.

Now that’s science we can certainly understand.

So the next time you need an extra boost of motivation to get off the couch and join us for our Dance Party Fitness class, just remember the more you sweat the younger you’ll look AND feel!

See you in class!