This month, we’re adding special pre-boot camp workshops on Friday and Saturday. These workshops are designed to give you more detail regarding form and training to enhance your over all results and further prevent injury.

If these workshops are well attended, we will continue to add them. Please send in your request for things you would like to see us focus on.

This is the schedule for August. Workshops will be held:

Friday (10 minute workshops before boot camp)
5:45 am at the Marina
5:45 am at Mission Bay
7:00 am at Hillcrest
5:45 pm at Hillcrest
5:45 pm at Scripps Ranch

Saturday (20 minute workshops before boot camp)
8:30 am at Mission Bay

Week 1: Aug 3rd/4th – How to foam roll (bring your own foam roller)
Week 2: Aug 10th/11th – How to hold plank position
Week 3: Aug 17th/18th – How to master the push up
Week 4: Aug 24th/25th – How to master the squat without knee pain

We invite you to show up early and work on these techniques. Perfecting your form is only going to make you better, leaner and stronger.

Need to buy a foam roller?

You can buy a foam roller at Perform Better link below:

Or, for instant gratification, you can pick one up at Road Runner Sports in Clairemont. It’s best to invest in a ‘high density’ foam roller that won’t break down too quickly. Some boot campers told me they picked up foam rollers at Sports Authority and Target – so you can look there too.

We’ll do another foam rolling workshop in September, so if you don’t have one yet – get one now.