Bombo – We Dance To The Hype

Bailar al son del Bombo

Adelén is a Norwegian singer with fun high energy songs. This is the first of her songs we’ve used in our Zumba classes but I’m sure there will be plenty more!

Zumba Dance Classes in San Diego

Talk about the fast and the furious! One hour of Zumba can burn up to 1000 kcal!! Imagine 4 times a week of Zumba fun with San Diego’s Bootique Fitness and burning up all those calories? Sounds good to us! When exercise spills over into a fun dance sesh, you will wonder what you have been waiting for. With weeknight and weekend classes, there is no reason to miss it. Check out San Diego’s number 1 Zumba class now!

Best of San Diego – Zumba by Jaylin

San Diego Magazine listed us as the BEST OF SAN DIEGO! We’re honored!

Get the schedule and details on our Dance Fitness Party page. Drop in classes are only $12 or become a member to get classes for as low as $6 each.

More Ways For Dance Fitness In San Diego

We post tons of Cardio Dance Party videos and make them available for you to view and follow along with in the Zumba Videos Category on our Blog.

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